C2G 1.2: Now for iPad, Too

C2G 1.2 is now out, and with it comes support for the iPad. I've also added a button to contact support (me) if you ever run into any problems. More improvements are on the way!

Lessons from Pouch at 1000 Sales

A couple of weeks ago, Pouch passed the 1000 sales mark! And so far, I think I still have a happy (and growing) customer base. I couldn't be happier about how the app is doing, and I figure that this milestone is a good occasion to tell you some things I've learned during this process.

App Store Customers Having Troubles Leaving Reviews

Yesterday I received an email from the second customer informing me that they've bought one of my iPhone apps (Pouch, in this case), tried to leave a review in the App Store, and got an error message stating "To rate this item, you must own it." This customer is in the UK.

A few days before that, I heard from a customer in the US who had purchased C2G and was getting the same error message when trying to leave a review. So far, I have no idea what to do about it.

Pouch 2.3 Now Available, with a New Icon

It's Saturday, but I just don't want to wait until Monday: Pouch 2.3 is now available on the App Store!

In terms of features, this release includes the addition of the Newsroom, letting you see an overview of the latest activity on your Backpack account. Also, by popular request, you can now turn on and off individual calendars in the Calendar section. You can add and delete Dividers on your Pages now, too. And there are a few other improvements here and there, as well.

Pouch 1.0.1: Bug Fixes

This is just a quick note to Pouch users out there: I just submitted the Pouch 1.0.1 update to the App Store, which includes a fix for errors that said "Can't connect to the internet" or "Authentication needed". Sorry about that. The update will be available as soon as Apple approves it. Thanks for hanging in there with me!