Into the Wild

by Chadwick Wood
February 7th, 2007

As of February 1st, I am a full-time contractor, meaning I am no longer the Web Developer at California College of the Arts. Now is an exciting and scary time. It was my choice to leave and start fresh on my own (Exciting), but I chose to leave a comfortable, secure position in order to pursue an unknown, financially-risky path that doesn't come with health insurance (Scary).

My two years at CCA were educational and enjoyable. I'll definitely miss the great people and laid-back environment there. During my tenure, I completed a lot of fun projects, including:

  • The Calendar, with its AJAX-enabled disclosable event details.
  • The Faculty Bios, which use my own heavily modified version of Lightbox 2.0 to display faculty work. Check out the profiles of Mark Fox (Graphic Design), David Orgish (Interior Design), and Randy Chavez (Illustration) for some nice examples.
  • The Admin System, which is a big behind-the-scenes set of tools allowing CCA staff to directly manage various aspects of the school's websites (sorry, I can't link you to those!).

In two years, there were a lot of other projects, too. The school has a great website, so poke around it if you have some free time, even if only to browse their wonderful Online Gallery of student work (I redesigned that part of the site, too). Alright, I'm done tooting my horn.

And so, now, I'm picking up contracts where I can, relaxing, soaking up a little more of San Francisco than usual, and beginning to pour some major time into a personal web application project that I'm very excited about.

Did I mention that I'm available for hire?