Patch Base Credits and Thank Yous

The development of Patch Base was aided greatly by previous creations and contributed resources from other people. Without that, Patch Base wouldn't be possible. Coffeeshopped would like to thank the following individuals and organizations:

Switched On has let us borrow synths from them for research and testing. They've also helped us get the word out about Patch Base.

Dhomas Trenn, a.k.a. youngmonkey, has a site that gives documentation on MIDI/sysex info for the Casio CZ synthesizer family, which was a big help in developing CZ support.

Michael Rickard also maintains a Casio CZ resource site that we referenced a lot during our work.

Matt Gregory has a great set of information at his TX81Z Homepage, including a patch editor he created himself. He put in the time to document (in his source code) all of the peculiar frequency ratios that the TX81Z operators can be set to. This information was used directly in Patch Base.

Stuart Keith wrote a patch generator/editor for the Ensoniq ESQ-1 in Python. We referenced that code (and even submitted a fix!) to compensate for all the mistakes in the official ESQ-1 documentation.

Eric Young created OpenSSL, which Patch Base uses in aspects of its In-App Purchase code.

Kyle Dixon (of the synth quartet S U R V I V E and other projects) lent us his Oberheim Matrix-6R for testing and research.

Malcolm Elijah Welbourne lent us his Ensoniq ESQ-1 for testing and research. We still need to get it back to him.