Monovista is a creative experience for your eyes and ears. Part music-making, part visual reverie.

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For your ears: Play four different instruments: 3 synthesizers and 1 drum machine. Loop each of them, add to the loops over time, and erase a loop when it's time for a change. Each instrument has its own idiosyncrasies, which you'll discover as you play with them.

For your eyes: Monovista produces a wide variety of colorful, entrancing, and surprising animations, which you control and interact with at the same time as you're making music.

I highly recommend hooking it up to some headphones, or loud speakers!

Reviews from the App Store

wow!! a sonic and visual freakout
why the hell did i wait so long to get this !? i bought the bundle and this is the best of the bunch..i wish i could record a performance.. the sounds and visuals are freeking amazing
April 16, 2015
On se laisse vite prendre au jeu et du bout du doigt l’on compose des boucles aux graphiques style kaléidoscope hypnotisants ! Les samples inclus sont pas mal et permettent de s’amuser. A tester sans hésiter :)
November 10, 2014
Five Stars
is drugs.
October 22, 2014
It's like improvising your own private rave. Takes a bit of time to get the hang of, but is worth the effort. Can't wait to bust it out at a party.
October 15, 2014