Patch Base

Create sounds for synthesizers from Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Casio, Oberheim, Ensoniq, and more. Patch Base is a collection of the best patch editors available for iPad and Mac. Real-time editing of synth parameters. Random patch generation. Sound library organization, with iCloud integration.

Patch Base is available as a free download, allowing limited use of all synthesizers that the app supports. Full support for each synthesizer is available via In-App Purchase.

Supported Synths

Patch Base supports a diverse and growing list of synthesizers. And if the one you want isn’t listed here, see the list of synths being considered for future updates, and vote for the ones you want most.



Reviews from the App Store

Thank You Patch Base

...Never have I found it so easy, too easy to understand, edit deep parameters on synths/tone generators that have given us so many headache in the days... I've used editors made by other companies, sometimes the manufacturer of the synth itself, and the workflow is never obvious, there are always angles left aside. This time, programming a sound on a complicated machine is something that binds us together again with Waveforms, LFO's, Filters, Enveloppes, Keyboard Rate scaling (and other aspirin things :-)) and that's GREAT news...

, July 5, 2021 • 5 stars
Very useful app, highly recommended

It’s hard to find even single editors/librarians for old synths that are 20-35 years old, but this app manages to cater for several of them - in one app! I have used this with several of my old synths and I was very glad to see to the recently added support for the Korg EX-8000, one of my favourite old rack synths. Apart from being a life saver when it comes to backing up patches, one of the functions I appreciate a lot is the Randomize patch function - a great way to get new ideas to build upon or use as is. The iPad version works like a charm and is very easy to set up just using a simple MIDI-interface like the iRig MIDI 2 or similar. Highly recommended!

, January 13, 2020 • 5 stars
Patch Base saves the day!

I've fallen in love with my DX200 all over again! Patch Base has really juiced up my adoration for several of my synths: DX200, TX802, Volca FM, Blofeld, CZ1000 and TX7. The price may seem high, but the feeling I get from loading my synths with tons of new .syx patches found on the internet really is priceless. And being able to quickly program even easy-to-edit synths like the CZ1000 means I'm creating a boatload of my own new patches faster than ever. Plus the dev is super helpful if you reach him through i'm not a shill, just a very satisfied customer saying if you're thinking about gettng Patch Base, do it!

, January 3, 2020 • 5 stars
Just what you need

Perfect... and continually being improved and updated!

, September 7, 2019 • 5 stars
An excellent editor

I was a bit apprehensive considering the price. But I must say that it makes editing the Volca FM a whole lot easier. The “random” function brings up some very interesting results. Definitely worth it!

, June 27, 2019 • 5 stars
Worth the Price

I’ve collected a small stack of vintage rack synths and the latest release of Patch Base just added a whole new layer of happy creativity to my music. I’ve tried dedicated hardware and iOS editors as well as some MacOS-based options before, but the easy setup, clean interface and patch design features of Patch Base are fantastic — learn one interface, one workflow and keep creating. It did take a bit of troubleshooting and tweaking, but once I worked the out configuration it has been a charm to use. Now I can truly dig around in the settings of my Roland D-550 and Yamaha TX-81z and craft some unique vintage voices for my compositions with ease — in my living room, AirPlaying from Logic on my iMac to a HomePod controlling the D-550 from my iPad over WiFi in real time (admittedly, I did it because I could...). Finally, I do appreciate the voting system for adding new gear. I’ve got a couple of synths that aren’t covered yet (Access Virus Rack and a Roland MKS-70), so I’ve voted them onto the list along with some others. Listening to customers is a good thing and I get a sense that the developers do care about vintage gear. If you’re a hardware synth person, don’t let the price get to you. It is worth it.

, June 28, 2019 • 5 stars
Get SO much more from your 80s +90s rack synths

Ok so when I was a teen in the 90s, I got my 1st synth (Roland D-10) not really understanding techno gear and what was really making the music I loved. Later I figured it out but I the meantime did my best with that D-10. I may not have ever made a decent sounding acid tracks but what I did do was learn to appreciate machines like that, to get creative, and certainly use them in ways their designers probably didn't intend. Since the first time I learned there was an iPad midi interface I've been waiting for someone to design an editor for some of these "ugly duckling" synths. Coffeeshopped has done it. These editors are amazing, cleverly designed and parameters thoughtfully arranged. So far every one I've tried works perfectly and immediately sent me down super fun new paths of sound design. I've read a few reviews balking at the prices. I don't agree with that at all. I don't feel those reviewers really appreciate what these tools unlock. Maybe it's the few decades I spent menu diving and button pushing on a TX-802 that have me convinced. But to me the value is in the access these editors give you to solid, professional, real vintage gear that can be had for tiny fractions of what more sought after vintage gear goes for. Thanks to Chadwick and I'm looking forward to more editors!

, June 19, 2019 • 5 stars
Amazing App!!

Amazing editors and librarians with clean interface and no menu clutters. Works well wired and wireless. I will never loose my patches again !! They will always be on the cloud! The developer has done a great job and I hope to see mere editors in the future. After many sorrow years dealing Sysex editors this one gave me a big permanent smile. Must have for users that insist on using hardware synths. It’s really a revival. I am using XV5050, Volca FM and MicroKOrg editors and I am waiting for the next one to come which is a mighty one!! Also I wish I had never sold my dx200.

, April 11, 2019 • 5 stars
User interface for your favourite synths!

Awesome app that delves deep into your synths and allows you to program them with ease. I have a JV-1080 & Yamaha FS1R and was having massive headaches trying to scroll through the numerous screens on the small displays on these devices to program new patches. Now it's a breeze, excellent layout, easy navigation and iCloud backup of all your patches. The developer is extremely helpful also, contacted me personally when I needed some support.

, February 21, 2019 • 5 stars
Awesome! Keep Bringing More Editors - JV-2080 - Thank you!

Recently purchased the JV-2080 editor. Thank you !!! Thrilled you added support for all SRJV expansion boards & their waveforms. Thank You for that update ! Will a Performance editor be added ?? I still would very much love to see the Yamaha TG-33 added & to show the hidden parameters for deeper FM synthesis editing & multitimbral control. Poly 800 MkII would be ace too As soon as I see more editors I need, !SOLD! Afterthought - The JD-990 would be another fantastic addition & since you have scripts for all SRJV expansion boards, why not. Now you've given me a reason to get a D-550. I've always wanted one & now, w/ Roland Cloud *cough* this D-50 editor will keep many 'grounded'

, July 11, 2017 • 5 stars
Excellent utility for new and old synths

Grabbed Patch Base when it first became available for use with my Casio CZ collection. Simple to use, intuitive interface. Since then, additional IAPs have been released for other synths I have such as the ESQ-1, JD-Xi and Minilogue. They all function flawlessly, and it makes Patch Base one of the most useful tools in my box. The world really opens up when you don't have to deal with menu-diving. Advice: if you get Patch Base and are interested in even just two synth IAPs, consider the full-access instead. As the app has evolved, I realized it would be easy for me to spend more on individual synths than just full support for all that's available now, and what's possibly to come. One of the beauties of this app is that it's adding broad support for old and new synths, so keep that in mind. 5 stars, highly recommended.

, March 30, 2017 • 5 stars
Great editors

I use the editors for several Roland synths and the Blofeld, looking forward for Kawai K4, Korg synths and M-Audio Venom.

, June 30, 2017 • 5 stars
Amazing Patch Editor

I bought it for use with my MicroKorg. By far its the best editor I've used. Easy set up, easy to use. Love the randomize feature too!

, January 29, 2017 • 5 stars
Very usefull

This tool finally allows to unlock all the great sound potential of my Matrix 6R thanks to its intuitive and fast interface. Very responsive support by developer.

, November 10, 2016 • 5 stars