Roland MKS-50 Editor and Librarian

Patch Base has the best Roland MKS-50 editor and librarian available for Mac and iPad. Edit any parameter, organize patches, create random patches, and more.

Tone Editor

Visualize the whole patch on your MKS-50, and easily edit any parameter without any menu diving. You can quickly explore all of the sonic space that the synth offers.

Patch Editor

The MKS-50 uses Patches for performance-related settings with your sounds. Select the sound you want to use, adjust detuning and portamento settings, and turn on/off external MIDI controls.

Chord Memory Editor

You can play the MKS-50 in Chord mode for single-key playing of chords. Patch Base gives you an editor to define the different chord structures stored on your MKS-50.

Bank Editors

Edit and organize the 128 tones and patches stored on your MKS-50. Patch Base gives you direct access to the memory banks, so you can organize sounds and back them up to files on your device, and swap entire banks in seconds.

Patch Librarian


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Patch Base runs on macOS 10.13 and higher. Download it here.


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