Roland XP-80 Editor and Librarian

Patch Base has the best Roland XP-80 editor and librarian available for Mac and iPad. Edit any parameter, organize patches, create random patches, and more.

The Roland XP-80 is a powerful multi-timbral synth capable of playing 16 parts at once. Patch Base gives you easy editing of every voice and drum parameter inside the XP, enabling you to harness everything this keyboard can do.

Voice Editor

Each Voice in the XP is comprised of 4 Tone layers, each with its own sample, pitch, filter, and amp envelopes, and LFOs. Additionally there is a multi-effects unit, chorus, and reverb. Patch Base lets you control all of it:

  • Quickly browse the 400+ internal samples in the XP-80
  • Easily browse and use the additional sounds on any SR-JV cards you have installed
  • Copy and paste envelopes for easy editing
  • Copy and paste entire Tones to mix and match layers, or thicken up your sounds
  • Use any of the effects in the XP, and fine-tune their parameters
  • Get a bird's-eye view of the dozens of parameters that make up an XP patch

Rhythm Editor

Design your own custom drum kits with Patch Base's Rhythm Editor for the XP-80. Only dedicated menu divers would want to do this without a XP editor, but with Patch Base, it's simple. You can design 64 separate drum sounds per kit:

  • Each drum sound uses its own sample, with tuning, pitch envelope, and coloring
  • Access the multi-mode filter for every sound, with its own envelope
  • Copy/paste entire drum sounds to create multiple variations per kit
  • Copy/paste envelopes for easy editing

Performance Editor

The Performance is where all the parts of the XP-80 come together. With Patch Base you can easily edit all 16 parts of a Performance, as well as the multi-effects unit, chorus, and reverb:

  • Browse through all of the presets, SR-JV cards, as well as your own sounds
  • Make high-level sound adjustments to the level, tuning, and panning
  • Set your MIDI Channels and configure external controls for every part
  • Quickly edit every parameter in the Effects section, making it easy to get things exactly right

Bank Editors

Edit and organize all of the patches, drum kits, and performances stored in your XP's memory. Patch Base gives you direct access to the banks, so you can organize patches and back them up to files on your device.

Patch Librarian

  • Save your patches and banks as files on your iPad or Mac: Patch Base saves files as sysex that can be sent to your synth by Patch Base or any general-purpose sysex transfer app.
  • Organize your sounds: Create folders to organize your patches and banks.
  • iCloud integration: Optionally use iCloud to make your patch files accessible on any iCloud-connected device, and to automatically sync files between Patch Base on Mac and iPad.
  • Import sysex files: Import existing patch and bank sysex files to Patch Base. On Mac, simply drop your files into the Patch Base browser. On iPad, easily import using iCloud or the Files app.

Download Patch Base for iPad free in the App Store.

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Patch Base runs on macOS 10.12 and higher. Download it here.


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