A New Software Company in Austin, Texas: Coffeeshopped

by Chadwick Wood
January 27th, 2010

A few days ago I received the papers from the Texas Secretary of State that made it official: I'm now the proud founder of Coffeeshopped LLC.

I started Coffeeshopped because these days I'm working a lot on releasing my own products (such as Sphericle and HourPatch), and I think they could benefit from having some sort of united branding. Also, ultimately I envision these products being worked on by more people than just me, so it's time to separate my own name from them a little bit. And lastly, it just makes sense for legal and tax purposes.

If anyone is wondering, yes, I'm still doing (a lot of) client work, and that's not changing, for now.

I encourage everyone to check out the slowly-growing online presence of Coffeeshopped:

More on the way!