More Spheres in Your Neighborhood

by Chadwick Wood
February 25th, 2010

By far the biggest complaint I hear about Sphericle is that there aren't any spheres around when people search. (Well, for most people... I think Jynne would disagree!)

I'm listening. Minutes ago I released an update to the Sphericle server that should result in people seeing a LOT more spheres in their vicinities. There are still only 360,000 spheres in the world, but now they move around in a way that makes them much more accessible.

NOTE: you may not see more spheres on your first search, but you will see many more over time.

Also, the area that you can see items within is now much larger.

I predict that this is going to cause some big shifts on the Leaderboard! Start searching, folks. There's a lot out there to find.