HourPatch: Now with Invoicing

by Chadwick Wood
June 10th, 2010

Today I completed the release of the next version of HourPatch, which now includes the ability to create invoices. To go with it, I revamped the promo materials on the HourPatch website.

The tag line now is "Proactive Time Tracking", which I think nicely sums up what HourPatch is about: planning out your project schedules ahead of time, which simplifies time tracking and invoicing while also getting your self-employed life a little more in order. Here are the main points of what HourPatch is about:

  • Tracking your work hours
  • Keeping notes of what you did
  • Knowing your availability, both this week and months in the future
  • Generating invoices based on your hourly rate(s)
  • Balancing work with the rest of your life
  • Setting aside enough time for each project

So, take a look at all my hard work.