Cafe Bedouins

by Chadwick Wood
July 2nd, 2010

This past Tuesday I attended my first Cafe Bedouins meeting, which usually takes place at a coffeeshop, but this one was at Cospace. Cafe Bedouins is basically an open weekly space for tech people to work on their side projects... it's supposed to provide a kind of regular space for projects that otherwise might never get those spare hours they need. It was also my first time going to any web/tech social event, at all.

Having freelanced for several years now, and having friends who are mostly not tech people, an event like this was a really refreshing experience for me. Going to Cafe Bedouins, I was surrounded by a bunch of people with whom I could talk about web application frameworks, the latest is database server trends, and whatever else the big geek in me thinks about for several hours every day; something I needed more than I realized, perhaps.

So, this is to say, I'm going to be doing more of this! If any of you readers have other Austin tech meetups you know about, please let me know. It's time for Coffeeshopped to get more social. And, if you haven't been to Cafe Bedouins yet, and you have any ideas or side projects and could use a good community to motivate you, or just to shoot the shit with, you should check out their website, and come meet up some Tuesday. It's a good group of folks.