Pouch, for Backpack, now Available

Today my new iPhone app, Pouch, is available. From the product page:

Pouch is an iPhone app for use with 37signals' Backpack. Use it to read your Backpack content in a simple, familiar format, and to create and edit your Backpack Notes.

Find out more.


Rizwan Reza's picture

Please bring this to iPad as well. :)

Thanks for the great work.

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hi Rizwan, that's definitely something I want to do, but right now I can't make any promises. You're not the first to ask for it, though.

brett d.'s picture

As a 37 signals user...but alas I use a android phone....I am lost in the android desert when it comes to 37 signals. Do you have any intention of creating an android version ?

I hope so, Pouch looks like what I am looking for !

Thank you for you time and consideration brett d.

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hey Brett, wish I could help you, but I don't plan on getting into Android development any time soon. Good luck in your search!