KISSmetrics for iOS on GitHub

by Chadwick Wood •  January 28th, 2011

Today I was finishing up work on version 1.4 of Pouch, and one of the things I wanted to add was some basic analytics tracking, to see how often the app was getting used (basically, just a count of how many times people launch the app). Since I'm already a KISSmetrics user, I figured that would be the best way to go. Unfortunately, there was no existing Objective-C library for interacting with the KISSmetrics API that I could find... So, I wrote one. Fortunately, it didn't take very long, as the API is pretty simple. If you're also a KISSmetrics user, and you work on an iPhone/iPad app, you might want to check out KISSmetrics-for-iOS, which I published on GitHub today.

If you use it and/or have any feedback on it, please let me know.