App Store Customers Having Troubles Leaving Reviews

Yesterday I received an email from the second customer informing me that they've bought one of my iPhone apps (Pouch, in this case), tried to leave a review in the App Store, and got an error message stating "To rate this item, you must own it." This customer is in the UK.

A few days before that, I heard from a customer in the US who had purchased C2G and was getting the same error message when trying to leave a review. So far, I have no idea what to do about it.

Two customers in two different countries buying two different apps and getting the same error? This got me wondering, so I tried something myself: I have purchased copies of C2G, Pouch, and Glory Math 1, and guess what? I can't rate any of them! I get the same error message about not owning the app.

So apparently all of my apps can't be reviewed right now. I've contacted Apple about it, so we'll see what they have to say.


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I have the same exact problem with my iPad2 in Poland. Did you find any solution yet?

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Yeah, as it turns out it's just a change in App Store policy: people who download an app using a promo code can't leave reviews or ratings. I think the person who'd told me they purchased the app was mistaken, and had been given a promo code.

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This same problem recently happend to me. I was wanted to rate a app I downloaded and it said I didnt own it, then I remembered I have 2 iTunes accounts and I downloaded the app from a different account so it wouldnt let me rate it while I was signed into the other account.

Hope this helps others