Now Available: C2G, for car2go on your iPhone

by Chadwick Wood
August 25th, 2011

The latest iPhone app from Coffeeshopped is now available: C2G, for car2go. C2G allows you to view a map of available cars, parking spots, and gas stations in your city, and to make short-term reservations. It currently works in Austin, Vancouver, Ulm, and Hamburg (and I'll add more cities as car2go makes them available).

When I began work on C2G, there were already 3 (or more) iPhone apps out there for using car2go. I've used two of them, and frankly they just weren't very good. The most popular one available has a cluttered interface (e.g. who needs satellite view on a map when you're looking for a car?), and a strange feature where, once you reserve a car, there's no way to see where it is from within the app. Anyway, I don't want to talk a bunch of trash; the point is that it was pretty straightforward to make an app that better serves the basic needs of a car2go user. I hope C2G is exactly that.

See some screenshots on C2G's App Store page.