Patch Base 2.0 Now Available

by Chadwick Wood
November 10th, 2016

Patch Base version 2.0 is available now, adding support for the Korg MS2000, MS2000R, MS2000B, and MS2000BR synthesizers. These editors include full support for all the synth's parameters, including the sequencer and vocoder patches.

The look of Patch Base has changed a little. Hopefully you'll find it more streamlined to use. Under the hood, so much of the app has been rewritten to be faster, more bug-free, and more flexible for future additions.

I really appreciate all of the votes that people have made for synths to add to Patch Base. I'm listening! Expect more additions in the near future. If you're curious what the current vote tallies are, they're here: Patch Base Voting Results. Please share and get more people voting!

Thank you for the support and patience! The next updates are already in progress.