Patch Base "All Access" is on sale for 33% off

For the next few days, you can purchase "All Access" in Patch Base for the price of just 2 single editors. That's 41 synth editors for the price of 2. And as always, your All Access pass means you'll get the unlocked version of all future editors that Patch Base offers as well. It's a serious deal.

For those of you who bought one or two editors in Patch Base in the past, and have been thinking of unlocking some more, now's the time! And for those of you who haven't bought any editors in Patch Base, now's definitely the time for you, too.

The All Access unlock can be found by opening Patch Base, selecting any locked synth, then tapping the "unlock" icon in the top right, then selecting "Upgrade ALL editors".


And if you haven't downloaded Patch Base yet, you can get it free in the App Store, and try out all the editors you'd like before making a purchase:
Download Patch Base in the App Store



Doug Bohnstengel's picture

I bought all of the synth editors today through the Patch Base app but the App Store shows charging me full price.

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hi Doug, what country are you in and what was the price you were charged?

Nik's picture

I also am trying to get this deal and it's also full price for me. I'm in Canada.

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hi Nik, the sale ended August 7, so this might be why you're seeing full price. Also, I've had at least one person in Canada who was confused about the sale price, thinking it was full price because the app prices are higher in Canada than they are in the US, which is something set by Apple that I can't control.

Nik's picture

hmmm, so I missed the sale by a day ... that's unfortunate. When do you figure it will go on sale again?

Chadwick Wood's picture

I can't say for sure, but I usually do a holiday sale at the end of the year.

Nik's picture

ok, I subscribed to your newsletter so I don't miss the window again, hopefully its not 4 months from now. You probably just think I'm a cheap b@stard but truth is ... I really like the concept of the app but it runs poorly on my ipad (ipad 3). So I think it's cool to have in the hopes that it improves in the future, and I'll grab it when it's on sale for possible future use.

Any plans to release it on iphone or OSX?

Chadwick Wood's picture
mark's picture

Hi is the bundle still on sale?

Chadwick Wood's picture

Not currently. This sale was in early August.