Patch Base Upgrade Pricing Now Available

by Chadwick Wood
February 12th, 2018

A common question about Patch Base that I get asked is along the lines of:

If I buy a single editor now, and later I want to buy All Access, is there a discounted price?

And my (guilty feeling) answer has always been: 

Sorry, there isn't a discount, because the App Store makes that kind of complicated and I'm not sure I can even do it. I want to do it, and I'm looking into it, but I don't know if or when that will happen. (Sorry, sorry!).

Well, it turns out that I can! It took some planning and some work, but the latest version of Patch Base (available today) will offer you a discounted price on All Access if you've purchased individual editors in the past. Download the latest update to see the new pricing screen:

Right now the upgrade prices are basically the normal cost of All Access minus the amount you've spent on individual editors already. For example:

  • Bought 1 editor? Upgrade to All Access for the normal price, minus the price of 1 editor.
  • Bought 2 editors? Upgrade for the normal price, minus the price of 2 editors.

I don't put exact numbers here because the prices slightly differ between countries (due to how App Store pricing works). Also, if you bought an editor at a sale price in the past, then you're actually getting an even sweeter deal. But you get the idea.

Also, You Should Act Soon

Patch Base was first released almost exactly 2 years ago. The first release offered All Access, which at the time would get you editors for 15 synthesizers (and all future editors). Today, All Access is still the same price but it includes editors for 47 synthesizers (and still, all future editors). But that price is changing very soon. In about a week, I'll be increasing the price of All Access (and the discount upgrade prices) to be more in line with the value that Patch Base now offers.

That's all to say: if you've been on the fence about whether to upgrade to All Access, or were waiting for discount pricing to upgrade, then right now is the time to upgrade. You'll be locking in a really good deal.

And to the many people who have bought All Access already, and the few who bought an editor or two and then also bought All Access after, I just want to say thank you so much for your support so far. It's my intention to keep adding new editors, and improving the ones that already exist, to make Patch Base the very best way to design and organize sounds for your synthesizers.

I have a lot more on the way.