The New Yamaha TG33 Editor and Librarian

Behold! The Yamaha TG33 is now supported in Patch Base. It's one of the top-requested editors from the Patch Base voting page, and for good reason: the TG33 has hundreds of parameters to tweak, and the synth itself just has a tiny screen and a couple of rows of buttons to access them from.

The TG33 is an interesting mix of ingredients: each patch on the TG33 is made of up to 4 separate "elements": 2 FM voices, and 2 sample-based (crunchy, character-heavy 12-bit samples) voices. And on the left side of the synth, you get a sweet joystick that you can use to mix the levels of the elements in real-time, which adds a great performance aspect to the TG33. You can record your joystick wiggles as well, and store those as part of the sound, so that every note played reproduces the exact mix of elements that you played. It also includes a simple effects section, with some reverbs and delays and a very idiosyncratic distortion/reverb combo.

The FM parts of the synth offer you 250+ presets of different 2-op FM setups to choose from. But, Patch Base opens things up even further for you, enabling editing of the entire FM section; you can use the presets as good starting points, but then you can tweak the waveforms, the envelopes, the frequency ratios, and more... all of which isn't possible using the controls on the TG33 itself. A few other hidden parameters are uncovered in the Patch Base editor, including a couple of strange alternate tunings (that sound very Aphex to me).

And once you've made some interesting voices from all of that, you can combine up to 16 of them in a multi-timbral setup, meaning the TG33 can play entire tracks live, if you want (it even has drum setups). It has 2 separate pairs of stereo outs, which (via panning) you can also use as 4 separate mono outs (which pairs very nicely with, say, the Elektron Octatrack's 4 separate inputs and an amazing MIDI sequencer, but I digress).

Patch Base can help you with all of that now; make complex voices, arrange them in a multi-part setup, and save them straight to the memory on the TG33, all from inside the app. And as usual, there's a randomizer to give you interesting new ideas for sounds, and copy/paste functionality to copy your envelopes, or even entire elements. It all adds up to make the TG33 a very capable standalone, multi-part synth.

Like all synths that Patch Base supports, the TG33 editor is available as an individual In-App Purchase, or as part of the All Access subscription option as well. Check it out.



Ralf Pulkert's picture

This is great news! Yamaha’s Vector Synthesizers have always stood in the shadow of their bigger cousin, the Wavestation, even though they have some unique features that the WS don’t offer.
Considering the close similarities of the SY 22 and SY35 to the TG33: is there any chance for an editor for these two great synths as well? I still own a SY35 that I bought back in 1992 :-)

Best wishes,

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hi Ralf, I expect to do the SY22 and SY35 at some point. They're very similar to the TG33, but the MIDI communication differs just enough that I need to get my hands on the SY22 in order to do the full testing to get that editor working. So, stay tuned.

Lee's picture

Nice job! I'm getting an iPad soon, so looking forward to loading up your app. I'm about to start working on a TG33 template for Novation SL MKII (just finishing one for Reface DX).

Milo's picture

Amazing amazing amazing. New patch base update is phenomenal and this editor looks incredible as always. Can’t wait for the sy22 one to come out, I’m in the NYC area if you need one to borrow.

André's picture

The TG33 is the tabletop version of SY22, the midi bulk dump of both devices is the same.
Why the synth editor is not compatible with the SY22 ?

Chadwick Wood's picture

André, the MIDI implementations of the two synths are not identical. I don't have an SY22 to test yet, but from my reading of the manuals, there are differences that cause some incompatibility. If you're positive they're identical, you're of course welcome to use the TG33 editor as you wish, but I don't officially support this, and plan to eventually release a separate SY22 editor, when I can fully develop and test it.