Roland JV-880 and JV-80 Now Supported in Patch Base

by Chadwick Wood
December 3rd, 2018

Patch Base 3.2 adds 2 new editor/librarians for the Roland JV-880 and JV-80. These synths were the beginning of the family tree that led to the JV-1080 and eventually the powerful XV-5080 (which I'm working on support for!). Don Solaris has a great article and diagrams of the evolution of Roland's sample-based synths.

These new editors give you quick access to the 4 Tone layers of each voice, plus the Chorus and Reverb sections, with copy/paste and randomize features as usual. The Rhythm editor allows the construction of 61-part drum kits, each with their own Pitch and Filter envelopes. And in the Performance section, you can set up your 7-part voice performance, plus a Rhythm section. And of course, each of the banks (Voice, Rhythm, and Performance) can be backed up, swapped out, and rearranged in the app, as well.

Thanks to Paolo Di Nicolantonio for the beautiful JV-880 picture. And here are some screenshots of the new editors:

JV-880 Voice Editor

JV-880 Rhythm Editor

JV-880 Performance Editor