Patch Base for Mac is Here

It's been about a year in the making, but today I'm happy to announce version 1.0 of Patch Base for Mac, available now. This first release includes every editor that is available on the iPad version, so over 50 synths across 10 manufacturers are supported. All of the features from the iPad version are here on the Mac, as well as some new features that take advantage of the multi-windowed environment on macOS. To give you a feel for this new version, I made an intro video for you:

Patch Base for Mac is being distributed directly from Coffeeshopped, so unlike the iOS version you can directly download the app from the Patch Base home page on our website.

Compatibility: Patch Base for Mac 1.0 is compatible with macOS 10.13 and up. I hope to add support for 10.11 and 10.12 soon, but there are still some bugs to fix on those older platforms, so stay tuned.

iCloud: Just like the iPad version, Patch Base for Mac can integrate with your iCloud account, to automatically sync all of your patch data in the cloud. And if you use the iPad version, all of your patches and banks that are already synced to iCloud will be immediately available on your Mac.

Purchase: Download Patch Base for free with limited functionality, for testing and exploring. The purchase model on Mac is the same as the iPad: individual editors are available as one-time purchases ($39.99 USD, and similar prices depending on your location). Or, All Access is available as a monthly ($7.99) or annual ($79.99) subscription, with a 7-day free trial included. 


Chrrz's picture

YES! Great news. I was a little sceptical regarding the interface on the Mac, but on first try I actually find it even easier to quickly dial in values via swipes on the Mac's trackpad than on the iPad, where my fingers are always in the way.
Some minor issues/niggles:
- At least on 10.14.5, the initial launch experience is a bit weird, because I expected the synth-select screen to show up but had to search for it
- after some time an error message popped up ("The document “_modules.json” could not be autosaved. The file doesn’t exist."). I had changed storage to iCloud even before adding the first synth, I think. If that helps.
- there are no mouse-over tooltips for the toolbar icons
- something that's always confused me in the iPad version: to open the local patch directory/management one has to click on an icon on the left side of the screen. This opens a drawer on the right side of the screen – so there is no obvious connection between the two, I'd say. Also, a similar icon is often used for the "duplicate" function in other apps which makes it's effect even less obvious. The icon used on the iPad to open the left drawer isn't really obvious either, by the way.
- while I always applaud the use of native interface elements, the tab-bar within the editor screen looks somewhat out of place, but this is really minor
- I'd prefer to use the App store for payment but I can see why you don't :)

Anyway. Good job. Looking forward to further refinements and synths.

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Is there any way to buy the software and be able to use it in 20 years? Subscription models are good for some, but as Im currently using atari to edit stuff, it opens some questions

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Hey Chrrz, thanks for the feedback. I’ve released a v1.0.1 that fixes that launch issue with the Synth Editors window. And I’ll look into that bug with _modules.json; it sounds like it’s happening when you switch from Local to iCloud or vice versa. I’ll figure out how to add tool tips as well.

I’ve thought about the toggle buttons and they’re positioning quite a bit, and the File Browser toggle button being on the left is weird, I agree. My thinking was that the buttons on the left side of the menu bar all relate to navigation and toggling visibility, whereas the buttons on the right are all operations related to the editor itself. But this could be improved upon.

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Anonymous, you can purchase any of the individual editors as a one-time permanent purchase, if you don’t like the subscription model.

ünsal arif turan's picture

Hi chad,
it would be awesome, if the Mac app could be use as a VST in any DAW. Or at least must be arpeggiator with it.

Chrrz's picture

Oh yes, I didn't want to put too many feature requests into my original post… but a VST/AU-Plugin would be absolutely awesome indeed.

Lionel GERARD's picture

Any news regarding the compatibility with 10.12...
If you want I can make some tests... I have a DX100

We already exchange a few emails last year, when I was building my garden studio.
I'm currently a bit sick and will have some times until 6 January.
But my Ipad Patch Base trial expired. Would it be possible to make another trial? Didn't find time last time.

Chadwick Wood's picture

Hi Lionel! No updates yet on 10.12 support, but I will let you know. I don't have a way to offer a 2nd free trial on iPad, sorry. I hope the studio is going well!