E-mu Proteus/1 and Proteus/2 Now Supported in Patch Base

by Chadwick Wood
October 15th, 2020

The new versions of Patch Base (iOS version 3.14 and Mac version 1.8) add editor/librarians for the E-mu Proteus/1 and Proteus/2. The E-mu Proteus/1 is a rompler/synth first released in 1989 that sold like hotcakes, and the Proteus/2 is the follow-up that came a year later with the same architecture but a different set of sounds (and included the preset "Whistl'n Joe" that makes the iconic sound from the X-Files theme song). There are many more members of the Proteus family, but for now these are the first that Patch Base supports.

Each Proteus voice consists of two "instruments" (samples) that can each be detuned and enveloped independently, along with a wide range of modulation capabilities. Presets can be linked to make larger sounds, and the built-in chorus gives additional width and depth to your voices. The Proteus also allows full microtuning of every key independently, for the adventurous.

Preset (Voice) Editor

The Preset editor gives you quick access to all of the parameters for the Proteus on one screen. Parts of the panel dynamically highlight/dim based on what's active, to make things a bit easier to navigate.

And in addition to the Preset editor, there are also editors for User Tuning, the Master Controls, the Program/Preset Map, and the Bank Editor, to arrange, save, and load banks of 64 Presets at a time.

More on the way.