Behringer Deepmind 12 Editor Now Available

by Chadwick Wood
September 14th, 2021

Patch Base for Mac (v1.14) and iPad (v3.20) now include editors and librarians for the Behringer Deepmind 12. The Deepmind is the first Behringer synth that Patch Base supports, as we continue to expand our coverage of the many manufacturers out there.

Although Behringer created their own feature-filled editor for the Deepmind 12 on iPad and Mac, as of September 2021, those editors haven't been updated in 3 years, so Patch Base hopes to fill this gap for many owners out there.

Voice Editor

The Voice editor shows all of the voice parameters in 3 pages. The Main page has all of the essentials for a voice: the oscillators, filter, envelopes, LFOs, general settings, and tabbed access to the Modulation matrix. So, most of the design can all happen on this page.

The Mod/FX page also shows the Modulation matrix, but it shows all 8 of them in one view, for full access there. Below, all 4 effects units are shown. Care has been taken to make every effect parameter control adjust its units and name based on the current effect type selected, allowing for very fast and direct design of the effects.

Finally, the Arp/Seq page shows the Arpeggiator settings as well as the Control Sequencer settings. You can freehand draw sequences with your finger or mouse, and also use different tools to craft custom sequences, such as drawing straight lines, randomizing, smoothing, and shifting.

Arpeggiator Editor

Although you select your general Arp settings in the Voice editor, you can create your own custom Arpeggiator sequences in the Arp editor. It's a no-nonsense editor that gives you a knob of every velocity and gate setting of every step in your Arp sequence.

Bank Editors

Patch Base also has support for organizing, storing, and loading banks in your Deepmind 12. Easily save your banks to files, rearrange sounds, and build custom banks from your patch library.