FJenie Screenshot

FJenie is a cross-platform Java application for use as a function table editing utility for the Csound programming language.

It was written as the project for an independent study course with UT Music Professor Russell Pinkston, who wrote the original FGenie, an application written in C that performs the same functions as FJenie. For this project, the interface design from the original FGenie was used, but the code was written from scratch. The reason for the port was to achieve cross-platform compatibility, as the original application was only for Windows.

You can download the executable JAR file to run the application on your computer. Click here to get the JAR file. To run the program, go to a command line and navigate to the directory in which you saved the JAR file. Then, type the command "java -jar FJenie.jar" and the application should start. On Mac's you can run it by just double-clicking on the JAR file.