Casio CZ-5000 Editor Help

MIDI Setup

The CZ-5000 has an internal setting to enable or disable sysex communication. This needs to be enabled for Patch Base to work:

  • Press the MIDI key
  • On the lower-right part of the screen, you should see "PRG=ENA". If you see "PRG=DIS", change this setting.

Also, in the "Global" section of the CZ-5000 editor, there is a MIDI Channel setting. You must set this to match the MIDI receive channel on your CZ. This is shown on the lower-left of the same screen as the setting above. It will show "CH=" and the number of the selected channel.

Also, in order for the CZ-5000 to receive sysex data, the memory protect switch on the back of the unit must be set to off. Otherwise its default “on” position will block incoming messages to protect timbre data from being overwritten.

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