E-mu Proteus/2 Editor Help

MIDI Setup

Make sure that the Device ID setting in the "Global" part of the Patch Base Proteus 2 editor matches the Device ID on your synth.

Global Section

Here you can set the "Master" settings for your Proteus, such as the external MIDI controller numbers that it will respond to (Ctrl A, B, C, D) as well as the MIDI Foot controllers, and set which MIDI channels are active.

Voice Section

This is the main patch editor for the Proteus. Sections of the editor will dynamically become active or inactive depending on your patch settings, to visually simplify what's going on. For example, if the Primary or Secondary instrument is turned off, that panel will become dim. Same with each of the Key/Velocity settings or Real-Time modulation settings; those that are not in use will be dimmed.

Tuning Section

Here you can configure the User Tuning for the Proteus. The Tuning settings are shown 1 octave at a time. Use the "Octave" menu to copy and paste between octaves, as well as to randomize. Use "Paste to All Octaves" on this menu to apply the last Copied octave and use it as a template for all octaves on the keyboard.

Preset Map Section

Use this panel to adjust the mapping of Program Change messages to Presets on the Proteus

Voice Bank Section

Organize, backup, and load banks of 64 presets on your Proteus. Banks will be saved to the User area of the Proteus, which corresponds to presets 64 through 127.

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