Korg Volca FM Editor Help

No Patch Fetching

Please note that the Volca FM has no MIDI Out port, and therefore it is not possible to fetch the internal sounds from the Volca FM. However, this will only be an issue for any sounds you have currently on your Volca FM before using Patch Base. All other sounds you create or use can be saved within Patch Base itself.

Importing DX7 Patches

The Volca FM can directly import sysex files that contain patches from the Yamaha DX7. This process works the same as importing any other patch file into Patch Base.

However, when you import a patch from the DX7, some operators may be turned off; this is a result of a slight difference between the DX7 and the Volca FM. So, after importing a DX7 patch, you should tap the "On" box for any of the 6 operators in the editor that are turned off, to ensure the sound matches the original from the DX7.

More Resources

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