Oberheim Matrix-6R Editor Help

Setup Notes

Due to some limitations of the Matrix 6r, Patch Base makes changes to sounds on your synth by saving every change you make directly to the synth's memory. So, if you have sounds you like already saved on your synth, I highly recommend backing them up via a sysex program first! Otherwise it is somewhat easy to change a sound you like, if you're not used to the editor yet.

Also, because changes are made to the synth's memory, you must make sure the "Memory Protect" switch on the back of your Matrix is set to "Off". Otherwise you will get unknown (mostly just not working) behavior from Patch Base.

Loading, Editing, and Saving Patches

The usual first step in designing a sound with Patch Base is to create a new patch from your synth into the editor. This is done using the fetch button in the top right (the icon with the down-pointing arrow). On the Matrix 6r, this button will load the patch number specified with the "Temp Patch #" setting in the Global section of the editor, and it will also switch your Matrix to using that patch as well!

Once you have a patch loaded, any changes you make to the different sound parameters will automatically be sent to your synth, to make it easy to incrementally design sounds. As mentioned above, these changes will also be automatically saved to the selected patch in your synth's memory! This is necessary for operation.

To copy a patch from one memory slot to another (e.g. load patch 35 and save it to patch 36) on the Matrix 6 you would do the following:

  • Change Temp Patch # in Global to 35.
  • Tap the Fetch button
  • Change Temp Patch # in Global to 36.
  • Make a change to any parameter of the sound

Once you've done this, patch 35 has been copied to 36, and any further changes you make will be saved to patch 36.

Copying Envelopes

You can copy and paste envelopes (delay, attack, decay, sustain, release) between any of the three envelopes. Just tap on the picture of one of the envelopes, and you'll get a menu for Copy and Paste.

Random Patches

Important note about the Matrix 6r: just like with editing sounds, the random patch generator has to save the sound to your Matrix! This means that as soon as you tap the "Random" button, a random patch will be saved to whatever patch location is selected with the Temp Patch # setting in Global! This is the only way it can work on the Matrix 6. I recommend designating a patch # for yourself that is your patch "test" area (e.g. Patch #99) in order to experiment with new sounds, and then copy the sound to another location if you like it.

You can create a random patch using the "Random" button in the app. Because of the complexity of the Matrix, a lot of random patches will be quiet or silent, or will drone, or they'll seem silent but really just take a long time to make a sound. But usually with a little tweaking to the VCA's or triggers, you'll get something. Or if not, just make another random patch! You'll be surprised and the craziness that can be made.

New (Alternative) Firmware

Some people have asked how Patch Base works with the newer firmware that has been developed for the Matrix by 3rd parties. Currently, Patch Base will work with these newer firmware versions, but it does not take advantage of the updated speed and features of this firmware, to ensure compatibility with older versions of the firmware. An update to Patch Base is planned that will add a setting to allow for fast parameters updates for those with newer firmware, but I can't make a promise yet on when this update will happen.

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