Roland D-50 Editor Help

Turn off Memory Protect

  1. Press Tune/Function
  2. Select "Memory Protect" with the selector button
  3. Move joystick to the left for “Off”
  4. Press Exit

To load a bank

  1. Press the Data Transfer button
  2. Press and hold Data Transfer again, and while holding it down, push the button under "B.Load" on the screen
  3. You should see “BulkLoad.0” in the top right and "Are you sure?"
  4. Press Enter for yes
  5. In Patch Bank tab in Patch Base, select a bank from the browser to transmit the selected bank
  6. After Sending… window goes away, D-50 should read “Completed.”

To save a bank from the synth

  1. Open Patch Bank tab in Patch Base
  2. Tap the Fetch button in the top right. Patch Base will wait for MIDI Data
  3. On the D-50: Press Data Transfer button once
  4. Now, while holding the Data Transfer button down, press the button below "B.Dump"
  5. You should see “BulkDump.0" and "Are you sure?”
  6. Press Enter for yes

You should see the progress bar in Patch Base fill up as MIDI data is sent.
When it disappears, the bank should be loaded and patch names will show
Use the Save button in the browser to save the bank to a file on your iPad.

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