Yamaha DX21 Editor Help


Make sure the following are set on your DX21:

  • MIDI On: Press Function, then Button 3, and the display should read "Midi Switch: ON". If it's off, press Button 3 again to change it to On.
  • MIDI Channel: Make sure it matches the MIDI Channel setting in Patch Base (under the Global tab of the DX21 editor). To change the MIDI channel on the synth, press Function, then Button 4, then move the Data Entry slider to the value you want.
  • System Information: Press Function, then Button 7. The display should read "Midi Sy Info: ON". If it's off, press button 7 again to turn it on.

If you see “Memory Protected” on the DX21 when you try to save a patch to the synth, that means that Memory Protection is turned on. It is turned on every time you power on the synth.

To turn it off, press the Function, then Button 16 (“Memory Protect”) . Then Press the No/Off button to turn it off.

Note: The DX21 has to be in Edit mode in order to listen to individual parameter changes. Press the Compare/Edit button to put it in Edit mode. Now you can edit patches.

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