Yamaha FB-01 Editor Help


Open the “Global” tab in the FB-01 editor and make sure that “MIDI Channel” in Patch Base matches your “System Channel #” setting on the FB-01. You can view System Channel # on the FB-01 by pressing the System Setup button several times.

If you see “dump/protected !” on the FB-01 when you try to save a patch to the synth, that means that Memory Protection is turned on. To turn it off, press the System Setup button until you see “Protect ON”. Press the NO button on the right to turn it off. Please note that this needs to be done each time you turn on the FB-01, as it resets to “Protect ON” when it is powered on.

When you make a change to the Voice Banks on the FB-01, you should see “dump/received !!” on the FB-01’s screen.

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