Yamaha FS1R Editor Help

MIDI Setup

Make sure your Device ID (in the Global section of the FS1R editor) matches the Device Num set on your FS1R. To see/change your Device Num on the FS1R:

  • Press the Util button
  • Press cursor right then enter to go to the MIDI section
  • Use the value buttons to change the value of Device Num on the screen. If it is set to all then any value in the Patch Base edtior should work.

Fetching Voice and Performance Banks

The fetching of the FS1R's Voice and Performance Banks are very slow, due to the FS1R's slow response time, and the fact that only a single Voice or Performance can be requested at a time from the FS1R. But, there is a workaround you can use to fetch the banks more quickly:

  1. In the MIDI settings of Patch Base, deactivate your "MIDI Out" so that Patch Base is unable to send MIDI messages to the FS1R.
  2. Open the Voice Bank editor, and tap the "Fetch" button. Now Patch Base is waiting for sysex data.
  3. On the FS1R, press the "Util" button and select "Dumpout", then "Voice".
  4. You should see the progress bar fill up on Patch Base. It's still relatively slow, but much faster than the "automatic" method.

Repeat the steps similarly for fetching the Performance bank.

Fseq Bank (and Backup) Fetching

If empty/init Fseq's are stored in the Internal bank of your FS1R, then the synth will not respond when asked to fetch those (empty) Fseq's. This means that fetching the Fseq Bank does not work in these cases. If you save your own Fseq to each (empty) location in the Fseq bank though, this will enable the bank fetch to work properly.

Fseq Editing

You may note that there is an “Fseq” section to the FS1R editor, but that the window is blank. This section exists for now so that you can fetch and load saved Fseq's as you'd like. But, there is no editing functionality for Fseq's at the moment in Patch Base. This is something I hope to add in the future.

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