Yamaha Reface DX Editor Help

Transmitting and Saving a Voice Bank to the Reface DX

Patch Base uses an undocumented feature of the Reface DX in order to send entire Voice Banks to the synthesizer. As a result, there is a small requirement to push some buttons on the synth when you want to save the bank to the synth's memory. To send a Voice Bank to the DX and save it to memory:

  1. As normal with Patch Base, use the file browser in the Bank Editor to select the bank file you want to send, or use the “Send” button in the top menu bar to send the currently loaded bank in Patch Base to the Reface DX.
  2. Once the progress bar in Patch Base has completed, press the STORE button on the Reface DX. You will be shown the normal screen for saving a patch.
  3. Press the button to store the patch (the 4th diamond shaped button in the Data Entry section).
  4. The DX will ask “Are you sure?” Select Yes.

Please note that you must follow these directions exactly, without any other activity in between sending the file and pushing the buttons. Otherwise, when you reboot the synth, it will revert to the last-saved bank, and your newly-uploaded bank will not be saved.

Firmware Requirements

The Voice Editor for the Reface DX will work with any version of firmware on the synth. But to successfully use the Bank Editor, you must have Version 1.30 or later firmware installed on your Reface DX. You can download the firmware updater from Yamaha's website for free.

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