Patch Touch: for Dave Smith Mopho

A beautifully-designed patch editor for the Dave Smith Mopho synthesizer. Patch Touch gives you hands-on control of every voice and sequencer parameter on your Mopho synthesizer.

Patch Touch for Mopho has been designed to give you access to as much as possible all on a single screen, making it easy to change and understand the structure of your patches. Now available on both iPad and iPhone.

Additional Features:

  • Copy/Paste envelopes between Amp, Filter, and Envelope 3
  • Copy/Paste sequencer track data
  • Create random patches
  • Copy the current patch from your synth to your iOS device, for further editing

Use this app either with a MIDI adapter for your iOS device, or via a wireless MIDI connection to your Mac or PC, with your Mopho synthesizer connected to your Mac or PC via MIDI.


  • A Dave Smith Instruments Mopho synthesizer
  • A MIDI adapter for your iOS device, OR a Mac or PC connected to your Mopho via MIDI and a wi-fi connection between your Mac or PC and your iOS device.

NOTE: This app does NOT make any sound! It's just an editor for your Mopho synthesizer. If you don't have a Mopho synthesizer, this app won't do anything useful for you.

This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Dave Smith Instruments. It's just an app I made to fill a need!

View the Patch Touch Mopho Help.