CZ Pack 1: 20 Patches for Casio CZ Synths

CZ Pack 1 contains 20 separate sysex files, each containing a patch for your CZ. The patches work with the CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, and CZ-5000. The sounds were all designed using CZ Touch (a precursor to Patch Base), but you don't need it to use these sounds! Any sysex transfer program will do.

The Sounds

  • Afterxylo: Xylophone sound with a sustained quiet pad in the background
  • Creature Bass: Bass sound with hollow attack phase.
  • Digital Noise Organ: Muted organ sound with a pleasant noise shower in the background
  • Drum Bass: A forward bass tone with a pitched drum hit at the beginning
  • Drunk Trumpet: A detuned brassy tone with a slow evolution
  • Fade Pad: A reverse-attack pad that glitters on sustained notes
  • Fairy Fly: A bright pad that appears, fades, and comes back fluttering
  • Flick: A flicking sound, ending in a quiet hiss. Quick hits are move like sea waves.
  • Hollow Crystal: A woozy pad with a crystalline attack
  • Intense Feeling: A muted, quivering, and growing sound. Good for long, dark chords
  • Laser Puddles: A laser attack sound with a puddle splash release. Hold notes for a creeping, muted tone...
  • Laser Sus Pad: A kissy laser attack on a bright lead/pad with a long release
  • Noisy Punch Bass: A resonant bass sound married to a digital noise chopper
  • Robo Growl: A singing, cartoon robot
  • Saxobass: A shaky bass sax tone with a gentle release
  • Snake Pad: A detuned pad with a angry snake
  • Stiff Bass: A rigid digital bass that wants to dance
  • Toad Bass: Like a Reese bass, but with a bullfrog mixed in?
  • Wist Pad: A long-release, detuned pad with an interesting attack
  • Yay Afterhit: A whistle-like tone with a tuned drum hit on release

Download the Sounds

Hear Them for Yourself


Which synths do these patches work with?
Currently these patches will work with the CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, and CZ-5000. I don't think they'll work with the CZ-1, but I'm working on that.

Do I need special software to use these?
All you need is a program that can transmit sysex files from your computer to your synth. If you have a Mac, then Sysex Librarian is an excellent (and free!) program to use for this purpose. On Windows, MIDI-OX is probably the most popular (and also free).