Oberheim Matrix-1000 Resources

The Matrix-1000 is a rackmount synthesizer based on the same architecture as the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Matrix-6r, but with no on-board editing capabilities. Just 1000 presets. You can, however, program sounds for it using an external software editor.

Patch Editors

  • Obie Editor is an older, free editor for Mac OS X.
  • M1000X is an editor for OS X as well, but seems to be only for older Macs.


  • Patchman Music has a set of 100 patches designed specifically for breath controllers for $60.
  • Kid Nepro offers a bank of 100 patches with a mix of "synth and acoustic sounds" for $25.


Oberheim Matrix-1000 Editor Screenshot

Patch Base has a full-featured Oberheim Matrix-1000 editor and librarian for both Mac and iPad. Try it out for free.

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