Yamaha TX816 Resources

TX816 Patches

Here are some places you can download TX816 sounds:

  • Coffeeshopped has a free download of 32 drum patches for the DX7 (compatible with the TX816).
  • Bobby Blues offers a few massive downloads of thousands of DX7 (TX816) patches, for free.
  • Encyclotronic had a download of a bank of patches designed by Brian Eno, from a 1987 Keyboard Magazine Interview, but those seem to be no longer available for download. I've re-created these patches using Patch Base, and you can download them here: Brian Eno Yamaha DX7 Patches. View the original post from Encyclotronic.
Yamaha TX816 Editor Screenshot

Patch Base has a full-featured Yamaha TX816 editor and librarian for both Mac and iPad. Try it out for free.