Sysex Base Help

Connecting to your MIDI Interface

Under the "MIDI" tab of Sysex Base, you will see a few lists. For each list, a checkmark in a row indicates that the item is selected.

MIDI Inputs
This shows all MIDI inputs currently available on your device. Use this list to select which inputs Sysex Base should receive incoming sysex data from when recording. If using wireless MIDI, make sure your network input (often named "Network Session 1") is selected.

MIDI Outputs
Shows all MIDI outputs currently available. Here you select which outputs Sysex Base should send data to when transmitting. For wireless MIDI, make sure your network output is selected.

Network MIDI Connections
This shows the available computers/devices that you can wirelessly connect to on your network, for transmitting wireless MIDI.

If you want to use a wireless MIDI connection, via your computer, some setup is needed on your computer to create and allow the wireless MIDI connection. I've made a write-up on how to set up your wireless MIDI connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app work with my specific MIDI adapter?
Sysex Base will work with any MIDI adapter that works successfully with your device.