CZ Touch 1.2 Available Soon

by Chadwick Wood
April 13th, 2015

Note: CZ Touch has been replaced by Patch Base, which offers editors for the Casio CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-1, and more.

CZ Touch 1.2 was submitted to the App Store today, and should be available soon. This update includes some bug fixes and interface improvements as well as some new features:

Improved Patch Organization

Patches can now be organized into folders, giving you the ability to organize things like your bass sounds, pads, etc. Another use for these folders is to group related patches into a set that can be loaded quickly into your CZ. There is now a "Load All" feature that will load the first 16 patches in a folder into the 16 internal save slots on your CZ-101, which I find useful for saving and loading all the patches related to a single song.

Export All Patches

In the past you could already export a single patch and share it via email. Now, you can export your entire patch library as a zip file, or export the patches in a single folder. These export files can be loaded later via a sysex editor, or loaded back into CZ Touch.

Import .syx Files

CZ Touch will now open .syx files from other apps, such as Mail or Dropbox. So now you can email yourself a .syx file, and open it in CZ Touch directly from your Mail app (or similarly from your Dropbox app, or any other file sharing app on your phone).

Removed iOS 6 Support

As development progresses, it's becoming more difficult to make sure that all the new features still work on iOS 6. Starting with version 1.2, iOS 6 is no longer supported.

More updates to come.