Roland JD-990 Editor Out Now

by Chadwick Wood
April 14th, 2021

Starting today, Patch Base supports the Roland JD-990 on both Mac and iPad. The JD-990 is a sibling to the JD-800, put into a rack form and with some sound engine improvements. It has the now-classic Roland 4-tone voice structure, and a suite of 7 different effects units that can be routed in a variety of different orders, with tons of parameters. In Performance mode, it can play up to 7 different voice parts and a full 61-part drum kit.

A hearty thanks to Jerod McCleland here in Austin for loaning his JD-990 for testing! These synths are becoming increasingly pricey and rare to come by, so the loan was a massive help in getting the editor finished. Also thank you to Julian L.F. in Melbourne and Bob V. in Amsterdam for additional testing help.

Check out the editor page for some screenshots and more detailed information on what you can do.