Casio CZ Resources

This page is meant to serve as a one-stop shop for learning more about and using your Casio CZ synthesizer. If you have anything to add, please contact me.

Patch Editors

  • Patch Base is an app by me, for Mac and iPad, that includes editors and librarians for the CZ-1, CZ-101, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, and CZ-5000 as well as editors for lots of other synths. It's free to try out. Added support for the CZ-230s is forthcoming.
  • CZ Editor is also made by me, but this one is open source (and free), and works on Windows and OS X, with Max.
  • Virtual CZ is both a CZ emulator (i.e. a software synth) as well as a CZ patch editor, made by Oli Larkin. It supports all CZ synthesizers, and costs about $100.
  • CZSYSEXY is a patch librarian and editor that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. A separate program is needed to transmit the patches it creates. Full version costs $24.
  • And older Windows-based editor is available made by Alfonso Hermida. I haven't tried it out.


  • CZounds offers a large and growing number of patches for CZ synthesizers. Several sets are free for download, and the rest are sold in sets of 64 for $15 each. Each set has a different theme!
  • CZ Pack 1 is a set of 20 custom patches that work with most of the CZ synthesizer family. By Coffeeshopped.
  • Music Machines has links to a handful of free CZ Patches.
  • CZ-5000 patches at Acidboxblues. They should work on the other CZ's as well.
  • Patchman Music has patches for sale. $15 for a set of 42.
  • Don Solaris has CZ-1 patches for sale. $19 for 64 patches.
  • Andreas Östling has a set of CZ-101 patches for free (by donation) on his site.

MIDI and Sysex Information

  • Many thanks to youngmonkey for hosting this outline of all the sysex info for the CZ-101 and related synths!
  • Kasploosh also has some tutorials related to sysex stuff on CZ synths.