Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Editor Help

MIDI Setup

The following Main Parameter settings are required to make the Evolver work with Patch Base:

  • Set MIDI Rec to "All"
  • Set MIDI Xmit to "All"
  • Make sure the MIDI Channel set on the Evolver matches the one set in the Global area of the Patch Base Evolver editor.

Wave Editor

32 of the digital waveforms in the Evolver's memory can be edited with Patch Base's Wave editor. Since the Evolver doesn't have a temporary edit buffer for wave data, waves can only be updated by saving them to memory. This means that the Wave editor works slightly different from most editors in Patch Base.

Fetch: when fetching a wave from the Evolver, use the Wave # knob in the top left to select which wave you want to fetch, then tap the Fetch button. It will be loaded into the editor.

While editing the wave, none of your changes will be sent to the synth until you tap the Send button in the top right. Note: when you tap Send, Patch Base will save the current wave in the editor to the location selected by the Wave # knob. But, only Wave #'s 97-128 can be saved to the Evolver! So if you have a Wave # of 96 or less selected, then tapping the Send button won't do anything.

Also note: if you have a voice in the Evolver currently loaded that uses one of the digital waves in Oscillator 3 or 4, and you then save a new wave to the Evolver, you won't hear the new wave until you change the Oscillator shape again. For example, say you have a voice loaded that uses Wave #97 for Oscillator 3. Then, you change Wave #97 to a new wave and save it to the Evolver. You will still hear the old Wave until you change Oscillator 3's wave shape to something else (say, 98) then back to 97. That's just the way the Evolver works.

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