Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Editor Help


Using the “Global” menu on your Tetra, make sure the following settings are correct:

  • Param Receive is set to “All” or “NRPN Only" (Patch Base sends parameter changes via NRPN)
  • MIDI Controller Send/Rcv: On
  • MIDI Sysex Send/Rcv: On

Finally, note the MIDI Channel that your Tetra is set to use, and open the “Global” section of the editor in Patch Base, and make sure MIDI Channel is set the same there. Once this is done, you should be able to “Fetch” in the Global editor, and see the settings from your Tetra synced to Patch Base.

Voice Editor

Layer A/B Button: This button enables copy, paste, initialize, and randomize operations on the entire selected layer, which means both the voice parameters and sequence parameters will be affected for that layer. 

Combo Editor

Voice/Seq Button (lower-right): This button enables copy, paste, initialize, randomize, and load/save operatorions for the entire selected Combo part. So, voice and sequence parameters will be affected.

Load/Save: when this menu item is chosen from the Voice/Seq pop-up, the Voice patch browser for the Tetra editor will be shown. 

You can select a Voice patch from the browser, and Layer A from that patch will be loaded into the currently shown part of the Combo you are editing. 

Similarly, you can click the Save icon (the small disk icon) at the bottom of the browser to save the currently shown Combo part as a new Tetra Voice patch. The part will be saved to Layer A of the new Voice patch. Layer B of the newly created patch will be an init layer.

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