Novation Bass Station II Editor Help

Midi Setup

Make sure that the MIDI Channel setting under the “Global” section of the Bass Station II editor in Patch Base matches the MIDI Channel setting on your Bass Station II.

The USB MIDI connection from the Bass Station II can be used directly with your Mac or iPad.


Please have the latest firmware loaded on your Bass Station II for all features of the editor to work. You can update the firmware on your Bass Station II via USB using the Novation Components website.

Voice Editor

The Voice Editor in Patch Base gives access to undocumented features on the Bass Station II's sub-oscillator. Using the “Sub Mode” switch, you can choose “Osc 3” mode which effectively turns the sub-oscillator into a 3rd oscillator with the same features as the other two: different waveforms, octave tuning, and pitch and pulsewidth modulation.

Overlay Editor

The Overlay Editor allows full control over your overlays in AFX Mode on the Bass Station II. Please note a slight difference in terminology between Patch Base and the Bass Station II Components website here: Patch Base refers to an Overlay as the set of 25 different patch settings covering the whole keyboard. The individual sound settings for a single key in an Overlay are called Keys. An Overlay Bank is a collection of 8 Overlays, representing the entire overlay memory on the Bass Station II. (Novation calls a single key an “Overlay”, and a set of 25 keys an “Overlay Bank”. We changed our terminology to avoid the term “Overlay Bank Bank” for a set of 8!)

Select the Key you want to edit using the selector at the top of the editor. Clicking/tapping the selector will also play the current note on the BS II. All of the parameter settings for that Key will be shown, and can be edited in real-time, although the changes to parameters will only be heard when a new note is pressed.

Select the “Key” menu to access some basic operations for a Key, such as Copy/Paste, Init, and Randomize. To initialize or randomize the entire Overlay, use the top-menu actions instead.

The “Patches” menu allows you to save an individual Key as a BS II Voice patch. Similarly, it also allows you to browse your entire BS II Voice patch library in Patch Base, and load any patch onto the current Key. 

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