Oberheim Matrix-1000 Editor Help


Make sure that “MIDI Channel” under the “Global” tab in Patch Base matches the MIDI Channel on your Matrix-1000. To check the MIDI Channel on the Matrix-1000, press the Select button until the light under “Channel” is lit. Use the +/- buttons to change the MIDI channel on the Matrix-1000.

Copying Envelopes

You can copy and paste envelopes (delay, attack, decay, sustain, release) between any of the three envelopes. Just tap and hold on the picture of one of the envelopes, and you'll get a menu for Copy and Paste.

Random Patches

You can create a random patch using the "Random" button in the app. Because of the complexity of the Matrix, a lot of random patches will be quiet or silent, or will drone, or they'll seem silent but really just take a long time to make a sound. But usually with a little tweaking to the VCA's or triggers, you'll get something. Or if not, just make another random patch! You'll be surprised and the craziness that can be made.

New (Alternative) Firmware

Some people have asked how Patch Base works with the newer firmware that has been developed for the Matrix by 3rd parties. Currently, Patch Base will work with these newer firmware versions, but it does not take advantage of the updated speed and features of this firmware, to ensure compatibility with older versions of the firmware. An update to Patch Base is planned that will add a setting to allow for fast parameters updates for those with newer firmware, but I can't make a promise yet on when this update will happen.

Older Firmware

I haven't been able to verify the oldest firmware that works correctly with the editor, but I do know that version 1.09 does not work with the editor, presumably due to bugs in the firmware.

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