Waldorf Blofeld Editor Help

Basic Setup

Make sure that "Ctrl Receive" on your Blofeld's Global menu is set to "on" so that it will receive change messages from Patch Base. Also, make sure that the "Device ID" setting in the Patch Base Blofeld module (under the "Global" tab) matches the Device ID setting your Blofeld itself.

Using the Blofeld's USB MIDI Connection

If you're using a USB cable to connect your iPad to the Blofeld, you might have trouble sending patches from Patch Base to the Blofeld. This happens because the Blofeld's USB MIDI port doesn't handle larger amounts of sysex data coming in at once very well.

You can fix this by opening the MIDI settings in Patch Base (tap the MIDI icon in the top left of the editor), and activating "Limit Transmit Speed". You can leave the speed slider set at 3125. Doing this should slow down Patch Base's MIDI sending enough that the Blofeld can handle it correctly.

Multi Editor

The MIDI implementation for Multi's on the Blofeld is rather incomplete. As a result the Multi editor in Patch Base must send the entire Multi patch whenever a parameter change is made, which may cause cut-outs or temporary glitches in audio when changes are made.

One known bug as well is that sending Multi patches, even temporary patches, to the Blofeld seems to “corrupt” the first letter of the name of every saved Multi in memory. We can't figure out how to work around this one yet, so the recommendation is to use some random letter at the beginning of your Multi names, and start the “real” name of the Multi with the second letter. Sorry for the difficulties.

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