Waldorf Micro Q Editor Help


A few Global settings must be set to match between Patch Base and your Micro Q for successful two-way MIDI communication:

  • Match the values for SysEx ID and MIDI Channel in Patch Base with those set on your Micro Q (found by pressing the “Global” button on the Micro Q and using the big knob to navigate to the correct screen).
  • Make sure Controller Recv is set to On, so that your Micro Q will listen to real-time parameter changes from Patch Base.

Voice Randomizer

The Randomize function in the Voice editor only randomizes the parameters on the first page of the editor… even just changing those parameters can yield a huge array of sounds. If a random patch is particularly noisy, trying turning down the “Noise” level, as well as the FM levels in the Oscillators and Filters. 

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