Yamaha DX7 Editor Help


If your DX7 is not responding to parameter changes, make sure that memory protect is turned off. From the manual:

  1. Press the 'Memory Protect' [INTERNAL] button. The display will read 'MEMORY PROTECT INTERNAL ON'.
  2. Press the [-1/NO/OFF] button. The display will read 'MEMORY PROTECT INTERNAL OFF'.
  3. To exit from the Memory Protect mode, press the Memory Select [INTERNAL] button.
    NOTE: The Memory Protect setting will automatically reset to 'ON' every time the keyboard power is turned off and on again.

Also, make sure that sysex info is being received by the DX7. Do this by:

  1. Press the [Function] button.
  2. Press button [8] twice until you see "SYS INFO" on the screen.
  3. You want to see "SYS INFO AVAIL". If you see "SYS INFO UNAVAIL", change the setting to "AVAIL".

Patch and Bank Fetching

The DX7 doesn't listen to any external requests for data, so to fetch a patch or voice bank from the DX7, it is a two-step process:

  1. Tap/click the Fetch button in the Voice or Bank editor (depending on which you are trying to fetch). You should see a window pop up that is waiting for data from the DX7.
  2. Then depending on what you want:
    1. Single Voice: On the DX7, press [Function], then press [8] until you see "SYS INFO AVAIL", then press [Internal] or [Cartridge] depending on where the voice you want is, then press the number key of the voice you want.
    2. Voice Bank: Press [Function], then [8] until you see "MIDI Transmit?", then press [Yes].
  3. The progress bar on Patch Base should fill up right away, and the data in Patch Base will be updated.



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