Yamaha TG33 Editor Help


Open the “Global” tab in the TG33 editor and make sure that “MIDI Channel” in Patch Base matches your “UM MIDI Bulk Device #” setting on the TG33. Also, UM MIDI Bulk must be set to "On". To get to UM MIDI Bulk:

  1. Press the "Utility" button on the TG33
  2. Use the "Page" left or right button to navigate to the "UM MIDI Bulk" screen.
  3. Use the "Cursor" buttons to navigate to the lower left of the screen, then use the Data Entry knob to change the value to "on".
  4. Then, use the "Cursor" buttons again to navigate to the lower right, and use the Data Entry knob to select the Device # you want. A Device # of "all" means the MIDI Channel setting in Patch Base can be set to whatever you want. This is the recommended setting, unless you have multiple TG33 units that you need to talk to at the same time.

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