Yamaha TG77 Editor Help

MIDI Setup

By default, every time the TG77 is turned on, "Bulk Protect" is turned on, which would prevent Patch Base from being able to save to your TG77. But in the "Global" tab of the TG77 editor, there is a checkbox for Bulk Protect, and if you set that to "Off", then every time the TG77 editor is loaded in Patch Base, it will send a message to the TG77 to disable "Bulk Protect". Just make sure your TG77 is turned on and connected to Patch Base before opening the editor.

If Some Patches Won't Load

If some patches, particularly those that have a 4AFM or 2AFM+2AWM structure, won't load, try turning on "Limit Transmit Speed" in the MIDI settings of Patch Base. Depending on your MIDI interface, the TG77 may be receiving the data for these larger patches more quickly than it can handle.

Saving Voices to Banks

On the TG77, certain types of voices can only be saved to certain places in a Bank. Patch Base doesn't enforce these restrictions, so please make sure that you save voices in places where that can be saved. Voices of the following types: 4AFM, 2AFM+2AWM, Drum Set can only be saved to Bank D (i.e. locations 49–64).

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